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Refurbished Supermicro SuperStorage 6028R-E1CR24L

Refurbished Supermicro SuperStorage 6028R-E1CR24L

£1,995.00 excluding VAT

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Product Description

This Supermicro SimplyDouble offers a innovative high density design for customers looking to cram in 24 x 3.5″ LFF hard drives into just a 2U rack space.  Based on server model SSG-6028R-E1CR24L.

Included in this 2U 800mm deep SuperStorage system, is the fully featured X10DSC+ motherboard supporting 2 x v3 /v4 E5-2600 series CPU, and 24 DIMM slots for upto 3Tb RAM.

We are selling these in 3 configurations :

  1. barebones, no CPU, no RAM, no HBA/RAID card or NIC – £1995.00 ex VAT, free shipping
  2. barebones with 2 x E5-2678 v3 CPU, 128Gb RAM, 2 x LSI 3008 IT controllers, and Mellanox Dual Port 40Gb NIC @ £2,995.00 ex VAT, free shipping
  3. complete, as configuration 2 with the addition of 2 x 300Gb boot disks and 24 x 10Tb HDD giving you 240Tb in total.  Perfect for cold storage, archiving or backup.  Just add OS and power. £6795.00 ex VAT.

Supermicro spec’s here : https://www.supermicro.com/SSG-6028R-E1CR24L

Please send request for quote if you need any configuration options.   Fast shipping on the above config’s, lead time varies for any other configuration.



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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 86 x 53 x 26 cm